After more than 8 years creating high performance socks together witht the best athletes in the world at Sporcks we wanted to upgrade the complete sport picture.

Time has a big influence in our lives and we want to share its joys with those with whom we enjoy it most. If you own any product you will become part of the tribe that has time on its side because you know how to chase time and enjoy it.

Garments designed by people in love with the sport, looking after performance and with an eco-friendly production. Made in Spain by local people for the time chasers.


The peregrine HAWK holds the title of the fastest animal on Earth. When hunting, these birds are known to achieve incredible speeds in a stoop, which is a high-speed hunting dive. .

These remarkable birds of prey have adapted to their incredible speed by having streamlined bodies and strong wings.



Time plays a crucial role in the context of running in several ways. Measuring performance, split times or record-keepings are some concepts surrounding our brand, holding all together in the same familiy.